Rikei Girls in Science in Hokkaido University



What is RinGS

RinGSチラシ Rikei Girls in Science。 This is a community that female students who tend to be minority in science are able to exchange information easily about career design including life plans, such as advancement, employment, work and child rearing,,,etc. Women's activities in the science field are gradually progressing,but they are still a minority in universities and companies. The less that leads to a vague hazy mood feeling towards the future,"It is hard to imagine the future five or more years ahead,""I don't know the image of research while raising children." RinGS supports girls' students to look at their possibilities widely and allow them to career design themselves, through exchange meetings and study sessions that can connect verticals and horizons beyond disciplines and positions.

Exchange meeting / study group theme

  • "Do you plan to go on to a doctoral course?"

  • "When to live? Researcher's childbirth and childcare circumstances"

  • "Women have difficulties unique to women...Healthcare for women"

  • "After all, everyone is busy, take time management!"

  • "Leadership is a skill"

  • "Let's learn from seniors, couple's household assignment is work management"

  • "Each research philosophy"

etc.., we are looking for the theme you care about!

Join the "Rikei support caravan"

Support Office for Female Researchers has been developing “Rikei support caravan” activities which to exhibit experimental booths at scientific experience events since 2006, to support female junior high and high school students' career path selection through science experience events and delivery lecture for elementary and junior high and high school students. For RinGS members, we would like to actively participate in activities as a senior who becomes a role model for female junior high and high school students. Regarding individual activities, we will show you to the email address registered every time.

Summary~What RinGS members can do

  • Interaction between female students and researchers: By interacting with female researchers in a wide range of fields and with a wide range of generations, hints for future career formation can be obtained.
  • Experiment booth opening for science experience events for junior high and high school students and participating in round-table discussion:Presentation skills and communication skills are trained. It will also be a catalyst to rediscover the point of contact between your research and society.


Female students in the natural sciences (undergraduate~doctoral course), female researchers

How to register

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